Our Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects of a value of Rs. 3143.79 Million i.e Rs. 3.143789 Billion are in the process and will be completed accordig to the schedule

Name Employer Contract Value
(Rs. in Million)
Construction of Mixing Plant Building at General Tyre & Rubber Company (GTR), Karachi General Tyre & Rubber Company (GTR) 361.58
Construction of 3 X Bedroom Apartments & 4 X Bedroom Apartments (DS - Design G+7) Framed Structure in DHA Phase –II, Islamabad. Defense Housing Authority (DHA) 570
Construction of CW 0108 Project near Fateh Jang. Maritime Technologies Complex (MTC) 431
Construction of FRC / ATC Complex at Benazir International Airport, Islamabad. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) 1470
Construction of 14 Residential / Non-Residential Buildings at Rawalakot & Hajira Military Engineering Services (MES) 91.209
Construction of Pre-Stressed RCC Bridge over River Jhelum at Dhalkot. Public Works Department (PWD) AJ&K 220
Total 3143.79

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