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Gammon Pakistan







Brief History 

Mr John C Gammon,a brilliant engineer from UK, started the Gammon Civil Group of Companies in Bombay in 1919. He pioneered ‘Reinforced Concrete Construction’ and the ‘Shell Process’ which were subsequently used for construction of a large number of Factories/Mills. Mr Gammon also pioneered and executed Large Pre-Stressed Concrete Spans of upto 200 ft long before works of such technical importance were attempted either in UK or USA. The ‘Concrete Process’ was also based on Mr Gammon’s Patent and contributed in a large way to the success in laying of Mass Concrete Foundations. The exceptional engineering knowledge, dynamism and business acumen of Mr Gammon were the main reasons for the outstanding success of his construction companies in india, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, the Gulf and Hong Kong. When Mr Gammon passed away in 1973, his family decided to divest their shares from the Gammon Pakistan Ltd (GPL) and currently retain a nominal shareholding of 5%. Despite this parting of ways, GPL cherishes the association with its Founder and it not only caries his name but also strives to live upto the brilliant engineering legacy he left behind.



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